Real Estate Laws

Case Study on Paraphernal Property and Extra Judicial Settlement

Case Study : In this business, the most important people re documentation are the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Assessor’s Office and Register of Deeds ( RD ). We all at sometime will come across a client, investor, bank, lawyer who claim to know it all or have been informed otherwise ( these are the hardest people to deal with so handling it with special care and reasoning out with them is important ) but at the end of the day, it’s the three above mentioned Government agencies that really have the say so as not to waste our time.

Ethics – Beware of Unethical Practices

I just came back from an out of town trip for some business and at the same time, educate myself on how the foreign market is doing in comparison to the Philippines Real Estate Market ( will blog soon).  During my travels, i continuously receive sms, email or  facebook messages regarding several issues ( real estate or other issues ) and one that really got to me is how unethical practice continue to be practiced by quite a number of practitioners, licensed or NOT !  Take note, being a seasoned broker that’s been in practice for sometime now, we have a “saying”, been there, done that !  We know the modus operandi of how these culprits operate and one day, they will suffer the consequences of their actions.  We actually have brokers we avoid due to their unethical practice, just a matter of time !

Case Study : Donor’s Tax

Case Study : Re post i did a month ago wherein a Seller and Buyer were under negotiation for a purchase of a real estate property, the issue of Donor’s Tax has already been addressed and it’s also plain and simple, it’s for the Buyer’s Account.




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