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Hello everyone, 

It will be Christmas again in 6 days, as of today, we have had 353 days to produce what's possible to transact and it's time to Assess and Analyze our Activities.  Here are some thoughts to consider for 2017 so you can have a basis of comparison for the coming year which promises to be a Great One !

1) What is your total gross sales / income ?

2) What is your net income ?

3) What particular lines did you close most ?  Identify how many deals you close on each line.

4) Where and how did you meet the clients you helped this year ?

5) How many viewings did it take to close a deal ?

6) Who amongst your network brokers did you close most ?

7) Amongst the deal you closed, how many of them had you as the sole broker ( listing and buying broker ) ?

8) How many deals did you close with network brokers ?  

9) What was the sharinng of professional fees amongst brokers you closed with ?

10) What's the average income you made on a deal ?

11) Did you do more Sale or Lease transactions ?

12) How many transactions did you have for the year ?

13) How many Sales ?

14) How many Leases ?

15) What particular location did you close mostly ?

16) How many network brokers do you regularly close with ?

17) How many new networks did you establish ?

18) On a daily basis, how much time do you spend on a phone call ?

19) What's your closing ratio ?  

20) On a scale of 1 - 10, how would you rate your performanbce ? ( 10 is supreme, 1 is poor )

Based on the above, you should be able to have a good assessment of yourself and set your goals for 2018.   Success comes in different levels as we All have different needs and contentment.

I willl be going out of my way to meet more of networks who I just know as names.  Meeting someone in person changes that whole scenario.  I have emphasized that given the numbers of practitioners in the Real Estate Industry today, BUILDING RELATIONSHIP has never been more important !  We All see a lot of good property listings and requirements thru Social Media ( Facebook, Viber, Twitter ) but there is still a number of Us that won't make that call.  Please make that call and meet that person as you'll never know what's in store until you do so. 

In order to get to a higher level, one has to do something he or she hasn't done before ! Yes, uncomfortable, strange, weird maybe, but that's so true with so many successful brokers and that's why they are where they are.  That's the big difference between SUCCESS  and success,  Between comfortable living and just making enough.

Today's Real Estate Practice demands that we go out of our way to find a good portfolio for our clients.  Gone are the days with the excuse that you don't have a client for a particular listing a network broker is giving you.  We All have to take the time to see if the deal is realistic because if it is, then it's worth working on it.  We have to continue looking for more options to do business because the numbers have really changed ( licensed brokers in particular ). Can you imagine competing with 5 - 10 licensed broker for a particular listing or client ? Really a game changer.

Being knowledgeable about market conditions is the key to market penetration. Servicing a big demand ( i.e. catching the wave ) is always better than one that hardly has any inquiry. Those super real estate brokers we hear, dreamed about, know, read, and watch have found their niche and being in the market.  That level of Success only belongs to a few who's willing to do what most won't do.  Isn't that true for most Entrepreneurs ?  

We are in a BUYER'S MARKET ( for most, that's why location location location is so important ) so we are all aware that there are so many Buyers / Investors, however, Inventory is scarce.  For one good listing out in the market, there are so many interested Clients.  Can you imagine you and your client's chance in getting that property ?  You have to be Blessed from above to be the Broker that will close that deal !  This is so true not only in the Residential Market ( houses and condominiums where most new real estate brokers start off ) but now we are also experiencing same issues  in the Industrial and Commercial sector as well.

Take note that the Philippine Real Estate market has been expanding to the Industrial Sector, Tourism, Agribusiness, Renewable Energies, Mining and Township projects, these developments will spread to the rest of the country.  Investments are badly needed in these developments. The Tax Reform Bill was recently signed.  However, the current administration must give more attractive incentives to Investors in order to attract more and more Foreign Direct Investments to the Philippines and outdo our ASEAN neighbors who has been getting a decent share of FDIs.

Finally, there are so much opportunities in Luzon, Visayan and Mindanao if we just know what the market demand is and search for it.  Bottom line, how much Success do you want and what does Success means to each one of Us ???  

My two cents worth ...

A Blessed Holiday Season and Wishing All a Prosperous New Year !

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